FAQ meeting venues

There are no costs involved. The tree is paid for by the meeting and event booker.

A positive contribution to a greener planet and a possible better image towards the market in this area.

The meetings and events department of the participating meeting venue receives an automated reminder every day at 2 p.m. to enter the number of planted trees in a closed portal. These numbers can be found directly on the website. Once a month, the participating meeting venue receives an invoice for the number of trees planted x Euro 5. This donation is VAT-free and will be invoiced from an organisation with ANBI status, which may provide tax advantages for hotels. The payment term of this invoice is 30 days.

FAQ bookers

All you have to do is book a meeting or event with one of the participating meeting venues and indicate that you want to plant one or more trees to (partially) compensate the emissions.

The participating meeting venue where you book your meeting or event processes the number of planted trees every day in an online portal. These numbers are directly visible on the website.

For the afforestation projects Meetings for Trees works together with Trees for All. This foundation has the CBF quality mark and ANBI (both Dutch non-profit statusses) and has been active in the field of CO2 compensation and afforestation projects since 1999. All donations from our partners are converted into trees by Trees for All. Meetings for Trees receives a certificate for every donation. This certificate states exactly which trees in which projects have been made possible by the joint donation of our partners.

For every 100 Euros spent by hotel and meeting guests, they indirectly produce between 30 and 50 kg of CO2. The exact amount of CO2 obviously depends on your specific behaviour and the facilities of the venue. The average adult tree captures around 20 kg of CO2 per year. Considering the fact that a tree can easily become 20 years old, it becomes clear that planting a tree is a considerable step in the right direction.